July 17th, 2021

There are more jobs to be done in healthcare.

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There are still jobs to be done in healthcare

Three years ago we founded our company and our first product Wellpay with the mission to change how the healthcare system speaks about money to us consumers. We set out to be a different company, a human and provider centered company that made an impact on the basic healthcare experiences of many.

Why did focus on how providers and consumers talk about money during the healthcare experience? The answer is simple…Because the money interaction was and remains one of the worst jobs that needs to be done when we consume healthcare. It was also a personal struggle that my family, and I experienced over and over, especially with three kids.

When the once in a century (at least we hope it is) pandemic hit in early 2020 our team went through the phases of panic, fear, stress that we all experienced. What’s going to happen to me, my family, our team, and to our company. Those feelings really only subsided when the vaccines came, but our mission helped propel us into action.

We realized as a team that while improving how money jobs were done in healthcare was critical, we couldn’t sit back while the pandemic played out and not actively help our community of providers, consumers. There were other jobs to be done.

We did what we do best, build. We built a platform (GoGetTested) to make covid testing jobs easier for consumers, providers, and labs…and we helped over a million people get tested. We built a platform (GoGetVax) to help people get vaccinated…and helped hundreds of thousands get vaccinated. Most recently we built a simple but powerful digital wallet vaccine solution…and we’re now helping thousands save, verify and use their vaccine cards.

In short, we went all out to make sure we helped get these jobs done.

Today as we look to a future without the pandemic impacting our daily lives (our home state, California fully opened today) we’re breathing a long hopeful sigh of relief, and excitement.

But…the job is not done especially in healthcare. We learned a lot about what we can do to build a more consumer focused or powered healthcare system. Telemedicine walls fell, we learned how to do things differently (sometimes in as little as three days). However, there is still soo much to do.

the job is not done especially in healthcare

Today we’re starting the next phase in our company’s development, the phase were we go back to crushing the barriers that make wellness and health soo complicated in the US and the world. We’re going to do it in the best way we know how…we’re going to make it easier and accessible for everyone to get healthcare jobs done. In a nod to the pandemic we’re going to call it GoGetDoc…We can’t wait to show you what we’ve built.

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