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Unlimited Virtual Care
$99 for a year of coverage

One membership for your health and wellness. Unlimited access to telehealth and all GoGetDoc tools. Better health, everywhere.

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Health care from anywhere
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Prescription refills and more
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Member-exclusive benefits
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24/7 symptom and vitals checks

Benefits of GoGetDoc+


Get care anywhere, any time

Enable the best in health care from anywhere. 24/7.


Connected health experience

One login for every step of your health journey. No need to track across apps, devices, and physical locations.


Care from any device

Let's take down barriers. Accessing from your device can bring your care to you.


Curated digital health tools

Get the best for all of your health needs outside of care: including paying your bills, checking symptoms and more.

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Unlimited Telehealth Visits

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Unlimited Prescription Refill Consults

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Dedicated Care Team

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Specialist Referrals

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Powerful Health Apps

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Healthcare Finance Tools

Join Millions of Members

Healthcare Peace of Mind

Get the care when and how you need, at the best price. Telehealth, health tools, and access to the best in health care is accessible from one secure log in.

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Get the most of GoGetDoc

Members are saving time and money with GoGetDoc Plus. Here’s where you can start saving today.


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Over 1,000 visit types, accessible wherever you have internet


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Healthcare Tools

Track your vitals, symptoms, insurance care and more using GoGetDoc


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Start saving hundreds on your care. Learn about member benefits from GoGetDoc

GoGetDoc Plus Plan Pricing

Get covered for your care needs and more with unlimited care and more every month from GoGetDoc.

$99 for a year

GoGetDoc Plus

Primary Care Telehealth

Wellness Checks

Prescription Refill Consults

Vitals Tools


100% Coverage


Secure and Encrypted

GoGetDoc uses AES 256Bit encryption to make sure your personal information is secure and HIPAA compliant

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Secure personal information

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HIPAA compliant

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AES 256Bit encryption


With health insurance, you have a contract to cover some or all of your health care.

GoGetDoc Plus provides unlimited access to telehealth, with no contract. While you can get convenient access to over 1,000 telehealth appointment types wherever you have your device, GoGetDoc Plus does not cover in-person visits, prescription costs, or hospital visits.

Visits with GoGetDoc Plus can be less expensive and more convenient than what you get with your health insurance.


For example, with your insurance, you may pay a $50 copay for one doctor visit. With GoGetDoc+, your $99 will cover all of your visits for a year, and more!

GoGetDoc Plus only covers use on GoGetDoc. However, a number of partners are excited to offer additional discounts to GoGetDoc Plus members. Follow us for more information, or send us an email at [email protected] to learn more about all of the GoGetDoc Plus benefits.

GoGetDoc Plus covers all of your telehealth needs with over 1,000 protocols including care visits, follow-up visits, and prescription refills. Our current members are excited about the additional services that will be added to GoGetDoc in the coming weeks to provide more coverage, more savings, and better health.

GoGetDoc+ subscribers have unlimited telehealth visits. We will monitor feedback channels and usage to ensure our users consistently get prompt and quality care.

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Modern health care starts here

GoGetDoc works to make its website accessible to all. If you are having difficulty accessing this website, please email us at [email protected] so that we can provide you with the services you require through alternative means.

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