Instructions for VaxYes Vaccine Verification


User downloads VaxYes to the digital wallet.

In order to scan, the card must be available on the user's device.
They can sign up fewer than 5 minutes at They'll only need their vaccine card and a photo ID.


Open a QR Code scanner on any smart device.

That's all you'll need to verify vaccine status.
Smart devices have an automatic QR scanner. An QR code scanning app  can also be downloaded from the device app store.


User opens their VaxYes card in their digital wallet.

Center the QR code scanner and verify.
VaxYes cards are only available via digital wallets. Any card that is pulled from a photo or message is not a verified VaxYes card.


Enter the user's date of birth.

Due to the private nature of identity and vaccine card information, users have control over access.


Review vaccine status

You'll see a green check mark with the verification level and an image of the member's original vaccine card. VaxYes!

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